Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not such a Bad Ass After all. . .

Okay, so my Bento BadAss blog has been languishing for lo these many months.  I guess it turns out that I am NOT actually BadAss enough to maintain both my bento blog AND the rest of my life, which features(in no particular order) Too Many Children, Too Much Homework, Too Many Loads of Laundry and Too Little Sleep.  Plus of course my "real" job as a floral designer at Hansen's and any semblance of a personal life with my Rock Star Husband. . .so, faithful readers(Ha!) the BadAss became the LazyAss--hey, it happens.  However, spurred to new levels of energy by Twitter,  #baketogether, and a pun too good to keep to myself, I have scooted over to Wordpress and started a new fling with the blogging world.  Check out The Flour Gardiner. 

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